Lea - The Face Behind Lovelealyds


How I Started

Writing has always been the place I go to release the overactive thoughts in my mind. Soon writing became more than just a stress reliever and developed into a space in which my creativity could flourish. A best friend of mine always complimented my writing and prompted me to start a blog. For the first two years, I flirted on and off with this space.

The Commitment

Finally accepting that the visions for lovelealyds could not be ignored I decided to grow lovelealyds.com. Making the sacrifice I invested in the tools necessary to launch my website. In return, I received a blank canvas to create a full, vibrant and beautiful online space not only for my self but for other Caribbean persons. 

Who am I?

I am a young woman living in a beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Honestly, I feel like I won the lottery on life, by having the pleasure of growing up in the Caribbean. I also had the fortune of growing up in the early ages of the internet and social media. I believe all these variables combined gives me a distinct perspective on life and the world. It would be a fallacy to create a narrative that I or the Caribbean region have not had challenges. However, lovelealyds is about acknowledging those hard moments and celebrating the West Indian spirit despite our obstacles. 

Why I choose Writing 

Lovelealyds inception stemmed from my personal journey of living with Depression and PMDD. I searched for a space that had a distinct West Indian voice on this topic, in my research, there wasn't much around. Therefore, I thought to my self, that other women and men of my diaspora must feel the same way. Lovelealyds seeks to discuss topics that are colourful and complicated through discussions around the relationships, shared experiences and the different societies of the Caribbean.