Speak Up

Are you ready to speak up?

The series Speak Up continues the overall theme of Lovelealyds to create a space for persons from the Caribbean to see themselves in stories that aren't usually tackled within our society.

Speak Up series allows you to share anonymously your truth on topics suggested. In this series, I hope we can shatter life's biggest myth that when in pain we must experience it alone. As mentioned, you can share your thoughts anonymously through a medium that I will share at the end of every post. Once shared, these quotes become intimate stories that others with similar stories can hopefully draw strength from.

How does it work

Twice a month I would present a topic for the week. You share your responses anonymously . At the end of each week, these responses would be collected and shared in one blog. My hope for this series is that by opening up and sharing your truth we can all help each other heal.

I know revealing pain past or present is hard, I created Speak Up so that we don't have to do it alone.

Love Lea