Pull Ah Chair

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Have a seat

The term "Pull ah Chair" in the Caribbean is usually used when a person has insightful stories about themselves or others.

"Pull ah Chair" articles will be used as a space to have authentic conversations with you the readers.

The Reality Show

On Social Media, authenticity and vulnerability are concepts that seem to have been lost in our world today. In the world where we can turn on a camera, record our lives and perform.

"Our "friends" in turn follow and like our photos or words in the reality show that we “create."

Our "friends" in turn follow and like our photos or words in the reality show that we create. In this situation, our lives not only become lost to others who watch but frighteningly to ourselves. I am aware of this struggle because I am aware of performing as well.

However, I always remind myself that I am who I am, with or without social media. To keep my integrity always. I yearn to create a space of authenticity, honesty, and integrity because I crave to see it in social media.

Pull Ah Chair will involve taking a introspective view that is hopeful, painful, engaging vulnerable and honest.

The Real Real

The truth is that our vulnerable and authentic moments are not for everyone, so I understand others who withhold things that are special to them. In all transparency, there are some things that I will not share, as they may compromise the privacy of others included in the stories.  However, my aim is completely vulnerable as humanly possible about my life. In turn, my hope is for you to feel safe enough with me as well.  Instead what I see out there, which is some persons, being completely dishonest in every aspect of their life. One thing I believe is that you can lie to others but the worse thing you can do is believe the lie you have told to everyone else. In the Pull Ah Chair blog post I seek to share my honest self with you.

Your company on this journey is not just welcomed but encouraged

Love Lea