Ask The Crowd

At times we all seek an unbiased opinion about the twists and turns found in relationships with our partners, families, friends or co-workers. Ask The Crowd is a weekly survey created to facilitate discussions around these scenarios and is inspired by the theory known as "the wisdom of the crowd". This theory states that a large group of people surveyed about the same topic will produce the best answer to a question. Ask the crowd provides a space to ask these questions and have them answered.

The Process

To receive the crowds opinion on your scenario anonymously, submit a question via the anonymous link provided.Persons submitting a question cannot submit an answer to their own question, doing so would skew the results. When submitting your scenario please do not share information from other parties revealing information such as names, location or other personal information as it will not be presented to the crowd. Please note an Ask The Crowd question is submitted to the crowd twice a month. This is to facilitate time for persons to answer the question and the summary to be written and presented. To gain the best results from the crowd the questions presented will be discussed on all of my social platforms.

The Crowd

 When submitting your answer, be as clear as possible to prevent any misunderstanding. Each survey will be open for 5 days, in which you can submit your opinion once. This is to facilitate the time needed to gathered information from the crowd. Each Ask The Crowd summary will be provided one week after the date the scenario is shared on all my platforms, within this document, I will also share my opinion about the question asked.

When submitting a question or responding to a question  anonymously a pseudonym or your first name  can be used. I look forward to hearing from you, I am sure the crowd is as well.