La Muse Beauty

Muse : to consider thoughtfully and carefully.

La Muse Beauty page is the fashion and beauty section of Lovelealyds. La Muse Beauty stems from my constant observation of people. Since I was a small child, this has always been a part of my personality.  So it’s no surprise that one of the things I loved doing when I was younger was fashion watching. 

What I have learned while doing this is that Caribbean people LOVE TO LOOK GOOD. We in the Caribbean love our fashion, our beauty products our accessories. No matter the school dance, church event, work meeting, Christmas party or carnival fete when we leave our homes we must look our best.

Growing up in this culture has always made me pay attention to how people put an outfit together, or do their hair or wear their makeup. This interest made me pay attention to fashion and beauty in movies, TV shows, music videos, and fashion magazines. While observing these things, I always wondered how I would put my spin on this look or this accessory. Through some of these looks I learned my style, I learn what I liked and didn’t. I learned what I wanted to buy next and what I didn’t.

La Muse Beauty will focus on fashion and beauty topics, latest looks, tips, tricks, and inspirations.  My hope with La Muse Beauty is that as you become inspired by the information, I share, you more importantly, start to see yourself as your stylish muse.