You should see a therapist. Yes, You!

Therapist are for “crazy” people  

A therapist is known as a "person trained in the use of psychological methods to help patients overcome psychological problems." The word psychological may throw you off and make you think "well this doesn't pertain to me." However, the word psychological is defined as "dealing with, or affecting the mind, especially as a function of awareness, feeling, or motivation." Now if we put these two definitions together, we can say that a therapist is defined as a person trained to help us overcome things that can be affecting our behaviors, motivation, and moods. This definition doesn't sound as exclusive as the initial description seemed.

 “You should see a therapist”.

Yes, some persons need to see a therapist a lot more than others. However, I am of the firm belief that you should see a therapist at least ONCE in your life. Someone who is not a family member, best friend, lover and coworker ( seriously, give these people ears a rest.), and talk to an objective third party whose primary purpose is to focus on the things that are not positively serving your life.


What is your priority?  

My mental health and mental well-being are at the number one priorities of my life. I always place it first, even in front of the ones I love. Even in front of money, dreams and goals, believe me that is not easy because I need and want all those things in my life. However, great mental health allows for me to exist in those spaces listed above in a successful manner, which helps me live my optimal best life. If I want to be present and focus on the things that matter to me, then I must be clear minded and filled with peace of mind. Sometimes we think we are hiding the struggles we are feeling, but if we stop lying to ourselves, we can see that in reality these things are seeping into our lives and affecting us in spaces we do not realize.

During one of my darkest periods my physical appearance took a dive. I stop caring for myself and although I thought I was putting up a good front. When,I spoke to a close friend I remembered him saying he knew something was wrong before I even mentioned that I needed help.“ You stopped dressing like yourself.” he said. Sometimes we think we are hiding from our family and friends, but those that know us well are aware something is not right. At times they are just giving us the space to reach out to them.

The truth is if I started talking to a therapist earlier things wouldn't have spilled over into the spaces I thought only I knew was being affected. The darkness and sadness kept me locked in an place of survival. However, when I stepped away from trying to be my own savior, I understood that I needed the support of a professional to navigate life.

Reach out for help

It's okay to take the time to search for the right therapist. Most of us have our personal doctor that we like to go too. Women have a gynecologist that they vet to feel comfortable with before they start visiting. Hell, someone of us vet our animals veterinarian first before we allow them to see our pets. So yes, you can take the time to search for a therapist that you feel comfortable with. Most therapists understands this, some may have a free 15-minute consultation before your first in-depth session.

If you need a therapist who understands your religion, those people exist. If you need one who understands your sexuality, that person is out there. If you need a marriage counselor, you can find that professional. Don't think that you can't find the therapist for you. The professional you need is out there waiting. Once you decide on your therapist, the regularity of your visits will be decided by you and your therapist. This journey is one in which your therapist understands that you need to feel comfortable, their only purpose is to help you.

Mental health is as important as your PHYSICAL health

In my opinion, our brain is one of the most crucial organs in our body probably right after your heart. At times I feel we underestimate how much we need our minds to be healthy for us to function. I agree that physical self-care is a great way to keep a healthy mind, but it doesn’t have to be an either or option. It’s alright to at least once a month reach out to your friendly neighborhood therapist and treat your mind to some tender, loving and care. There is nothing wrong with you, if you choose to make the decision to seek help.

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