Vashtie- A Cooler than Cool Renaissance Woman

"Renaissance woman"

"The Curator of Cools"

"Style Influencers"

"Fairy Godmother of Underground


"It Girl"


Fashion designer



These are some of the words used to summarize the enigma that is Ms. Vashtie Kola; a beautiful creative dreamer with keen business savvy that has launched her to muse status for many international brands. This Trinidadian beauty has been the Downtown Sweetheart of New York City for years. A first generation Trinidadian-American, she originates from the town of Albany, N.Y. and was born to parents of African and East-Indian descent. This mixture refers to as "dougla" in Trinidad and Tobago and denotes the features seen this racial melting pot that exists within Vashtie.

Her Youth

This dynamic combination of her heritage, her NY upbringing and the privilege of growing up in the 80's and 90's gives her supporters insight into why she wields the influence she has today and how she has become the darling of the NY society and the wider world. This was not always the case.

As with the adolescent years, standing out seldom reaps rewards. Vashtie experienced bullying as a girl for some of the same qualities that have furnished her success. Of late, this unique style and personality have made her into a trendsetter who has made an indelible mark on brands such as Puma, Macy's, Nike, Balmain, DKNY, Chloë, Revolt Tv, Topshop, G-Shock, and ALDO.

Notably, she collaborated with the Jordan brand, securing distinction being the first woman to design and create a Jordan sneaker. This campaign was launched in partnership with Vashtie’s Violette Fashion line which challenges the gender lines of the fashion industry. Violette and Jordans partnership sought to question these same gender distinction with the tagline Sometimes the king is a woman.

Vashtie The Muse

When I first thought of building La Muse the series, Vashtie was the first woman who came to mind. This enigma that is Vashtie stands out through her directorial concepts found in videos for celebrities like Kendrick, Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi and Solange. Vashtie also worked as a creative partner with companies such as Def Jam, Billionaire Boys, and Ice Cream.

In my eyes, a muse is someone who inspires others not only through their style or accolades but gives you the ability to believe in your own potential. Seeing this petite, strong, larger than life, introverted woman create the waves that she is creating makes me believe in my life’s vision.

A sprinkle of muse magic la hard work, determination and faith have enabled Vashtie to create a life all her own. Advancing steadily in her lane, away from the masses, exactly where I think she desires.