Today Is A Tough Day

Lovelealyds exist for the tough days when we feel the most alone. This is why I speak so openly about my trying tiring days. Creating for lovelealyds is not easy, although it's something I love. It is exhausting not because of the work but because of my depression. My enjoyment in doing anything I love disappears from my heart. Even the most important aspects of life, like family, friendships and my business suffer. My mental illnesses stole more than my happiness or drive, it stole my life.

I share these moments of vulnerability with you for the healing I receive when I  create. However, I create for you who are struggling on days like today. Like mental illness, life tricks us into feeling alone in our most vulnerable moments. As I  write this, I am not willing to sit up to type. I am in the middle of a few terrible self-care days and I am not confident I can attend an upcoming job interview. Although I remind my self that life will crest over the horizon and a brighter moment will come. I do acknowledge, today is a tough day, it is unbelievably hard but always remember we are not alone. That is a lie.

A Gentle Reminder