Oprah's Guidance

Oprah is right!

Let me explain,

One thing I love doing is sharing interesting, beautiful, thought-provoking articles, pictures music with the people I love. On any day they can get links to articles, songs or stories that caught my eye and ear. This blog a bigger version of that, in this space, I will share all these things and more with your my readers. Every aspect of lovelealyds is a chapter in a book. In each chapter, there will be new and exciting stories that aim to generate great conversation within the community. These conversations can range from politics to fashion, pop culture to music, love, sex, culture and everything in between. I have created different social media platforms so we can talk to each to other and generate conversation. I want to know your constructive thoughts and your ideas on articles that lovelealyds post.

So how is Oprah Right?

(Like you really need an explanation, ah mean come on its OPRAH)

Oprah has the right idea about giving and sharing experiences with others right. Mama Winfrey has said that what she enjoys most about her giveaways, charities and her book club is creating collective experiences with others. This is my hope for lovelealyds.com: to give away my thoughts and points of view. To create experiences of laughter, deep discussion and more. This is one of the ways you learn and grow. It is my hope we get closer to becoming the best versions of ourselves by interacting.