My Master

My master, he wants me. He wants me cloaked and clothed in the comfort of him.

He wants me choked, from any other life force but him.

When I turn my head I must look into his eyes and believe only him.

He is my master without choice.

I don't want him around.

I can't hold my life back from him.

That's all he asked, for me to wait in him.

Wait for him.

Stay with him.

Lay with him as he holds me close.

Choose him and him alone.


I kneel and pray.

Question him.

Scream at him.

Finally, I beg

Promise all I can

"Can I please?", I plead.

"Why would you ever want to leave" he whispers

"Lay here baby".


Some days I fight.

Some nights I scream.

Sometimes I cry.


I allow the constant sweet sorrow to engulf me.

I give my heart to him and allow my master to care for the bruises he inflicted.



In walking this road, one thing depression makes you believe is that you are alone. I would love for you to share your experience with depression either personally or via someone you love.