My Love's Price

My love is not being sold at the side of the road for the highest bidder. It is not tarnished because of previous bruises.

It need not be adorned in fine silks and pearls so that it becomes worthy.

The act of offering my love is in itself a precious gem.

Love is revered because of the sacredness of the act.

It is not an item in a store for sale.

Being loved is priceless

It is offered and given freely to the siren of your heart.

Your love is not a beggar, pleading to be given a look.

It is proudly held together by the strength and dignity of your ancestors

Your love can be found in the history of your muscles.

It develops and flows through your DNA.

Your love has a unique blueprint.

It does not lose its power or beauty because of what was.

The rejection of your love by one does not doom your love for others to come.

No one can out the torch of your love unless you give them permission to.

The brilliance of your love is only lost when you forget the power of its flame.