Lovelealyds Update

Sometimes we disappear.....

Late last year I started a blog.Along the way, life threw me into a space of darkness and despair. Fear and doubt stole my vision.Pain and sadness stole my drive. My unwillingness to pay attention to my innermost voice and deal with all that pains me cost me the most irreplaceable thing in time .

The Joy of the New, the Fear of the Beginning.

But I should share with you some backstory. When I acquired the Lovelealyds blog, it was as if I had gained a big white canvas on which to paint anything and everything, to create with every colour of the rainbow. Every story or idea or topic that came into my mind I placed onto this canvas for production. However, having a big white canvas can either intimidate a person or excite. In my case, the Lovelealyds blog did the latter first and the first, last. In the beginning, I splashed paint all over my canvas and came up with tons of ideas for my blog. After that high, I sat down and soon realized that I would actually have to produce all this content. The excitement of the space to create any and everything invigorated me. The reality of creating everything I intended scared me into retreat.

Still, in taking the time to surrender to all I was running from, I felt myself opening up again. This allowed me to rediscover my vision for Lovelealyds and the purpose behind the content I wanted to produce.

My first Why.

The reflection and honesty with self brought me back to my first why; the reason I chose to blog in the first place. One day, while feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and life at home, I went looking for resources, specifically for places that spoke from my perspective. I soon realised there was a great lack of female Caribbean blogging voices. I decided, for myself, to become the thing I needed. I knew I couldn't be the only one who needed such a space. So I decided to create a space of authentic conversation and commentary from a female Caribbean standpoint. This is the service I hope to give going forward.

To begin again

Lovelealyds will be an anecdotal view of life. I hope to share stories about my life and how they have shaped me. The Caribbean is dynamic and each island has their own idiosyncrasies, thus I am not naive to think I can speak for every woman of the islands. However, I hope to write for a woman of the Caribbean who can  be impacted by the tangible and intangible aspects of life around her, in the hope that someday a woman like myself would find an online voice that makes her feel less alone.