It feels like home like my essence has aligned.I am back in the body I lost to trauma or genetics or lifes challenges. Just for a moment, like a long lost friend I am settled in my skin, in this body looking through these eyes, with these hands and feet. I am exactly where I belong.

I hold onto this time like my life depends on it In some ways it does because when it slips away I am not sure to meet the next day. But that thought gets pushed to the furthest part of brain until the next time it rears it’s deceitful face.

For now, I savour every minute in this space I am consumed by every second in my skin I sit in grace between each breath inhaled and exhaled

I revel in the feeling of being complete. I store away this moment to retrieve on the days when my mind plays dangerous games. Days I can’t find God through the haze. On days the demons haunt me, convincing me that all would be better if I didn’t exist.

For now I’m home and I dive head first into the peace of my body’s loving embrace. I allow happiness to caress my skin as I overflow with the joy of my being. Some may never understand the emotions expressed but trust, the hope you feel when the weight goes away is a sacred moment you wish would stay.