These dreams were never mine to give to you.
I no longer mourn the loss of dreams not shared with you.
I no longer feel robbed when I see the gifts she gives to you
Instead, I am thankful for the time I spent with you.
I loved genuinely.
I realise now that imperfect, abrupt moments of love are fine to have.
Some stories are meant to be jagged without smooth lines.
I can finally step back and look at the whole story.
All that passed, that is, that never will be.
Is a beautifulĂ‚ mosaic in my life'sĂ‚ gallery.
I will glance at it from time to time, with a far-away smile.
Knowing that it's not the only masterpiece that will enter my life.

Use one word or sentence to describe how you felt after you were over a breakup.